Wednesday, May 27, 2009

blog #6

i didn't put page numbers on blogs 1-3 so..
blog #1- pages 3-92
blog #2- pages 93-180
blog #3- pages 181-277

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

blog #5

pages 364-461

When Bella is about to die in the water, she is saved by Jacob. He pulls her out and brings her ashore. Sam and Jacob decide its best to bring her back to Jacobs. But Sam decides to go back to the hospital. Harry Clearwater has had a heart attack and passed away. Harry was one of Charlie's good friends. They are devestated and Jacob brings Bella home. When they are at Bellas house, Jacob shakes and says "vampire". The next second Bella notices Carlisle's car drive by. They dont know if it will be safe for Bella to sleep at home but she does anyways. When she enters her house she encounters a vampire, Alice Cullen. She is so happy to see her and lets Alice stay the night. Alice had come to see Charlie. This is because of the vision she saw of Bella jumping on the cliff, thinking she was dead. When Charlie comes home, he is happy to see Alice as well and has many deep conversations with her about Bella's feelings for Edward and what had happened in the past months. The doorbell rang and it was Jacob, Alice left because she can not see werewolves. Jacob says they can not be together always now because of Alice. Then Jacob answers a phone saying it was a Cullen asking for Charlie (who is at the funeral). When he leaves, Alice knows that something is wrong with Edward. Edward thinks Bella is dead and is off to Italy where the Volturi's are. Bella and Alice are now off to Italy. When they get off the place, there is a Porsche waiting for them. Alice had stole it but they dont have much time. The city will be packed because it's St. Marcus Day. Alice tells Bella they need to go to Palazzo dei Priori before Edward enters the sunlight. As the clock ticks, she spots him and finally convinces him that they are alive. They are too late to escape and the Volturi arrive. They follow them into a small drain and into a room. They are all frightened and if it wasnt for Alice's vision then they wouldnt have been where they are.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

blog #4

pages 278-363

Bella woke up to a scratching sound on her window. It was Jacob. He came to apologize and to talk to Bella. They have deep conversations about "secrets" and the Cullens. Jacob is trying to tell Bella something but is letting her figure it out for herself. That night she has a dream of Jacob in the forest, and wakes up screaming. She then realizes that Jacob is a werewolf. Which means that the La Push pack are all werewolves. The next day, Bella drives up to La Push to tell Jacob that the rangers are hunting for wolves, and to watch out. Also to confront him about his secret. They talk for awhile and she is relieved to know that the vampire Laurent is dead. But now Victoria is out to get her,but with her knowledge of vampires, she will help Jacob and his pack to track down Victoria and protect Bella. The following day, Bella meets the boys but Paul cant control his anger and fights with Jacob. Once that is over, they go to Sam's fiancees house, Emily's, and they discuss the vampires coming close and how its safer to stay in La Push. The more Jacob and Bella talk, the more they learn about the "secrets". She finds out about the development of a werewolf and talk about the Cullens powers. Lately, Jacob has been busy on red alert watching for Victoria. When he couldn't go cliff diving with Bella, Bella decided to go alone. She some how makes her way to the top of the cliff and does not know how to get back down. Its raining and a storm is coming but that doesn't stop her. Neither do the voices in her head from Edward. She gets sucked into the current and thinks she's going to drown. This is probably the stupidest decision Bella has ever made, and she should have just waited another time to go with Jacob when it would be safe. She is just stressed about everything going on and her not being able to be one of them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

blog #3

Bella and Jacob have been visiting each other a ton. She starts hearing Edwards voice from now and then, telling her what to do. This is strange to her but she likes to hear it, knowing he is still there. So the next day, since the bikes are finally done, Bella and Jacob decide to take the bikes up to a path to ride them. Jacob tries explaining everything to Bella but she struggles to stay up on the bike and falls a few times. But one time she managed to stay upright but when she went around a corner, she flew off the bike with it landing on her. She was not prepared for the road to curve. She gets a huge cut on her head that was bleeding. She insisted that before Jacob is to take her to the hopsital, she needs a change of clothes so nothing is too suspicous to Charlie. Bella tells Charlie that she got the cut from hiking. The next day was valentines day. Bella becomes less miserable day by day. But she also stops hearing Edwards voice, which hurts her. She invites Jacob to go to a movie, a group movie with all of her friends. But in the end, it is only Bella, Jacob and Mike. Both boys want to make a move on her during the movie but she does not let this happen. Then Mike runs out of the movie into the bathroom. He ends up getting really sick and throwing up. The next day Bella waits for Jacob to call, but he never does. She calls his house but Billy reports that he is sick and cant talk at the moment. The next morning, Bella wakes up on the bathroom floor, she recieved the flu as well as the boys. Finally she is told that Jacob has mono and cant be visited for awhile. This hurts Bella because he is the one to brighten her days and the one she loves. (Although part of her heart will always belong to Edward). So Bella decides to go hiking. Not obeying Charlies rules. As she is in the woods she runs into Laurent (another vampire), and he reports that he is on a mission for Victoria, to basically kill her. She then starts hearing Edwards voice and he is telling her what to do. In seconds a pack of wolves show up to scare Laurent away. She escapes quickily and is luckily alive. She doesnt know how that all happened but she needs to stop going "hiking" and obey Charlie. Also, since she has not been able to get a hold of Jacob, she needs to find something else to brighten her day and keep her happy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

blog #2

Bella changed completely. Ever since the Cullens departed, she hardly spoke and avoided everyone. This lasted for a very long time and Charlie (her father) started worrying and finally had the courage to say something to her. This is exactly what Bella did not want to hear but he took his advice and decided to talk to her friend Jessica the next day in class. Jessica was extremely surprised of Bella to do this but she insisted on going to a movie and dinner. So that is exactly what they did. Bella did not want to see a movie revolving around love and romance (because it would remind her too much of Edward), so they saw a movie about zombies. While they were at the movie, Bella kept having to get up, making excuses because Edward was on her mind. After the movie, they walked to McDonalds but Bella saw a group of guys in the bar across the street. They seemed so familiar to her and she left Jessica to see them. It ended up she did not know them and it was Bella was being really suspicious and on Jessica's nerves. They did not speak at all on the car ride home. The next day, Charlie was happier that Bella had went out for once and persuaded her to visit Jacob Black. Jacob is a family friend who is a freshman from La Push. I think this is a good idea for her because she needs to get away from her town and catch up with close friends. As Bella was driving around, she found two bikes that said FREE and needed some work. So she brought them up to Jacob's house and he said he could fix both of them. She would go up there a few times a week and watch him work on them and talk a lot. They became really close and always had a good time. He finally finished them and they drove an hour to go riding together. Ever since Bella started visiting Jacob, she has got her mind off Edward so much and been more cheerful. Her dreams even started to change for once since Edward left. Hopefully this will continue and Bella will regain all of her friends back.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

blog #1

For outside reading quarter four, I am reading the book New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. I have read the book Twilight so I decided to keep reading the series. When the book begins, Bella is not in a good mood. It was Bella's eighteenth birthday. She is now a year older than Edward. This makes her really sad knowing she will keep getting older but Edward will always be the same age. She also does not want to receive any presents, and celebrates her birthday at the Cullens which ends in a disaster. Bella gets injured and gets stitches from Carlisle without having to go to the hospital. The next day at school her arm is still sore and something seems wrong with Edward. Alice and Jasper had left and were not going to come back. She feels completely responsible for having the Cullens leave. So when Edward comes home with her they decide to go on a walk and he breaks the news to her that there whole family will be leaving. Edward was the one that had to stay in order to tell Bella. His reasoning does not assure Bella but Bella is heartbroken and wishes she could go with them. Edward refuses to let her come and they finally part. But Bella follows him into the woods and gets lost which causes Charlie to send out people to look for her. They finally find her and bring her home. She misses the Cullens so much. This book so far is depressing and the characters are not in the greatest moods. But I am excited to keep reading and finish the book.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Moon

For our outside reading, quarter four, I chose to read the novel New Moon. This is the second book of the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. I had read the book Twilight before the movie came out, and loved it. I even read it in three days because I enjoyed it so much. So I went to see the movie opening night at midnight, but I thought the book was much better. My goal is to finish the Twilight series, so I decided to read New Moon. The movie for New Moon comes out in November and I am excited to see it and compare the movie to the book. Hopefully New Moon will bring me as thrilling and suspenseful as Twilight.